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  • How long does it take to implement iota-ML?
    Setup takes 30 days, involves requirements gathering, provision of data flows, UI builds and final testing before training and handover begins. We have offers with service wrappers too for cases where you need some hands-on help.
  • How long does the training take?
    Your marketing team can learn how to navigate the UI in just an hour or two. It’s really that simple. An iota-ML manager will help you integrate it into your strategy so you are set up for success - we will have discussed your strategy and approach during onboarding, so you'll be ready to rock.
  • How long does it take to see a marketing impact with Iota-ML?
    Within 3 months, you should expect to be delivering a higher campaign throughput, have completed the first A/B test and analysis, and benefiting from our insights alerts.
  • What is this platform?
    iota-ML is a machine learning platform that powers-up marketers’ plans through targeting, insights, and experimentation capabilities, that can be used without the help of IT or Data Scientists. With iota-ML you can deliver more targeted campaigns in only a few button-clicks. The platform was built for non-techies who need to be responsive to business needs and get their job done quickly. Our simple interfaces require no more skills than being able to use a webpage, to get started. The platform easily connects into your existing stack and implementation is guaranteed in less than 30 days.
  • What kind of businesses use iota-ML?
    Our clients are mostly CRM marketing teams at B2C, Retail, or E-commerce companies. It’s helpful to upwards of 50K customer records. We specialise in working with all kinds of data, including variable quality, our team have decades combined experience at making this week regardless of the hurdles. We offer data enrichment services too, if this would increase the diversity and richness of your datasets.
  • Is iota-ML for me?
    iota-ML is a good fit for you and your brand if: 1. You want to create more personalized campaigns 2. You are challenged with the volume of campaigns you need to send due to stakeholder and business requests 3. You want to implement a targeted campaign strategy 4. You need to improve operational efficiencies and collaboration Is this you? If so, request a demo
  • What results can I expect from Iota-ML?
    Within 3 months (setup included!) you can see: – An increase in campaign revenue (and other engagement KPIs) – An increase in your team’s productivity How your productivity and effectiveness will improve: – You’ll be empowered to make strategic, data-driven decisions about campaign planning really easily – New campaign use cases will become possible (e.g., sending ultra niche campaigns) – Satisfying conflicting requests from your company (we're looking at you, Trading meeting!) will become easy
  • I’m not ready yet, what do I do?
    Follow us on LinkedIn here! Stay in touch with company news that way, and we even have a podcast series we're running on data/data science industry folk - check it out here.
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