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Client Win for iota-ML

Updated: Mar 7

TL;DR: Rumage, aiming to make second-hand shopping as convenient as mainstream online retail platforms, is partnering with iota-ML to leverage machine learning for hyper-personalized customer communication. With an extensive product range of over 50 million items, Rumage plans to enhance user engagement and loyalty by precisely targeting customers with relevant messages, inspired by iota-ML's success in tripling engagement for another client. This collaboration marks Rumage's adoption of advanced machine learning tools to meet its users' sustainability and cost concerns, promising significant improvements in personalization and performance.

Rumage, the UK’s top second-hand aggregator site, chooses iota-ML.

Rumage’s mission is to make second hand first choice. Jo Spolton, Rumage’s CEO, explains ‘We want to make second-hand as easy as going on Amazon, Compare the market, or Skyscanner. This is why we’re investing so much in our technology’’.

With over 50 million different items available at any one time, putting the right product in front of the right customer at the right time presents a significant challenge for Rumage. Many other retailers use personalisation tactics to drive growth, but few have Rumage’s product range. Rumage will use iota-ML’s machine learning to identify what CRM resonates with which customers. Machine Learning’s power means that Rumage’s communications will become hyper-personalised and outperform those of competitors.

Rumage will be able to give their customers what they want. Jo comments “we chose iota-ML because we’ve seen how iota’s technology created a 3x engagement impact for a global automotive OEM. Our users are concerned with sustainability, the cost of living, and are attracted by our breadth of choice. We have to get the right messages in front of the right users. Winning loyalty for Rumage demands that we perform at similar, or better levels’’.

John Conway, iota-ML’s MD, says "I’m delighted to join forces with Jo and her team. Rumage will be one of the early adopters of our second generation machine learning platform that features even more self-serve capabilities. Our goal is to use Rumage’s wealth of data to constantly deliver ever higher levels of user personalisation, and the performance gains that come with it”.

Notes for Journalists: Rumage, the UK’s leading second hand aggregator website, allows consumers to simultaneously search 31 sales sites. iota-ML is an easy-to-use, no-code platform that effortlessly optimises your campaign strategy through the power of Machine Learning.

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