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Persuading a community to act together


Organisations, like Fire Aside or fan-based/interest-based organisations, must motivate actions to secure community benefits that go beyond the individual, or transaction. Fire Aside is the platform that helps communities adapt to wildfire. The platform is used by (USA) 75 municipalities, 25 fire agencies and 16 counties.

Fire Aside use iota-ML to understand the message distinctions that persuade different resident groups to take shared actions.

A/B testing of conformity vs. urgency messages in just minutes, iota-ML helped Fire Aside identify what motivates different resident micro-groups.

What benefits have Fire Aside realised?


+2x response to targeted messages


Communities using Fire Aside are 5x more likely to take defensible space & home hardening actions

What Fire Aside say...

Jason Brooks, CEO, Fire Aside

Our partnership with iota-ML significantly improves our ability to persuade residents to act in the interests of themselves & their wider communities

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