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We are the platform company for non-techies  


Hi, I'm John. I have 20+ years experience as a consulting data scientist. The story of iota-ML can be found on the About page. This page is here to tell you about my passion for helping smaller brands thrive during the age of Big Data and AI. We specifically started iota-ML to address data and complexity problems in the MarTech sector, please read on to find out more. My contact details are at the bottom of this page, would love to connect. Thank you. 

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My Story

I have a long background in working for big corporates, scale-ups and start-ups. I worked as a hands-on data scientist and senior manager for many years, before becoming a consultant. Check out my badge collection to the right.  

In recent years, I have been involved in starting off my own businesses focussed on my passion of enablement and adoption around AI/ML. To further cement this, I recently joined the AI for Non-Techies learning hub as the resident data expert.  

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We are here to help new adopters, SMEs and SMBs in the age of AI

"Sort your data out and come back to us" - we started our company because of this comment

Marketers only use 42% of their tech - building a product and company with simplicity at its core


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to help anyone on their AI & ML journey. Let's connect.

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