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Grow revenues. Be more relevant than competitors.

Have you ever felt the frustration of relying on mundane strategies that treat every customer as a mere clone? Strategies that leave ‘money on the table’ to be picked up by competitors who are more able to deliver hyper-personalised marketing experiences?

UPLIFT allows all marketers to carry out A / B analysis at speed using the power of Machine Learning. Its push- button data science technology removes the need for data science degrees, cumbersome & slow human handoffs; underused MarTech.

Rather than just ‘A’ or ‘B’ wins, marketers can send treatment ‘A’ to the relevant super-responders, treatment ‘B’ to its relevant super-responders. You can target audiences with laser precision, fueling your organisation’s competitive edge.

Creating this relevance takes just minutes. Set the platform running and get on with your other work. You’ll get a mail & output file link just as soon as the job is done.

UPLIFT explainer videos

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No IT help required

Map A/B test data into the workflow, simple! 

Increase your campaign relevance and response

Match A/B strategies to customer profiles using ML.


See the impact and uplift of each strategy 

Show your boss you know your numbers.

Roll out your findings again and again.

One-click scoring makes this super easy.

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