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The simple AI platform

Powering marketers' plans with push-button machine learning 

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Automotive brands are fighting to win an electrification & tech led transition.


Hyper-personalising shopping experiences gets retailers untapped revenue opportunities


Sport can't rely on broadcasters. Sport needs to grow income from fans - FAST.


One of a kind, not one of the crowd. It’s what turns the ordinary into the memorable.

Our Clients

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Does your business have these growth challenges?


Struggling to drive value from data


Lacking insights for effective communications?


No / limited access to Data Scientists?


Hand-offs and opportunities going begging?


Need to achieve more, for less.


Need to find new opportunities.

Supercharge your CRM. Find out what all the fuss is about.

Our "data scientist in a box" means you can get the job done fast, and with complete autonomy. 

Direct-to-Inbox Reporting

Receive straight-to-your-inbox the high-level campaign metrics, customer profiles and detailed uplift evaluations you need to make your next experiment even more powerful.


Automated Data Hygiene

Bad data? Missing data? Outliers? No problem!

All of your data is automatically cleaned by iota-ML’s data cleansing module.

Simple & Secure Client Portal

An easy to use and secure client portal has everything you need to upload your data and let iota-ML’s unique technology do the rest.

Actionable Insight On-Demand

Designed by marketing and analytics professionals, iota-ML provides our clients with the clear deltas, differentials, uplifts and nuggets of wisdom they need.

Smart Progress Alerts

Smart progress alerts update you on the status of each request with step-by-step processing alerts in real-time to ensure your valuable time isn’t wasted clicking refresh, refresh, refresh.

Model Search Functionality

iota-ML’s advanced machine learning searches  and evaluates many candidate models, saving you time and providing the most efficient recommendations to achieve your KPIs

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Actionable insights - to level-up customer knowledge 

Save time - apply ML with total autonomy

Improve ROI - identify campaign super-responders 

The iota-ML platform was designed to be super simple, and allow marketers to power their plans with complete autonomy, so they can deliver faster without waiting for data science resources or IT. 

We're gonna need a stronger mantlepiece!

We are proud to have been recognised with several award wins and shortlisting during our first 2 years. 

AI/ML company of the year from the UK Business Awards was a proud win, as was SME Business Elite Awards - we are focussed on enablement and adoption and helping brands of all sizes adopt AI and ML.  


The latest from iota-ML

Why our clients LOVE iota-ML

"We achieved a 3x increase in consumer engagement using iota-ML"

The platform is really user-friendly, and straightforward to use and the set-up and onboarding from the team has been first-class.

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Tony Allen,

Global CRM Lead, Volvo

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